AHC and Smart Axiata Partner to Combat the COVID-19 Child Nutrition Crisis

December 9, 2020

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Siem Reap, Cambodia –Angkor Hospital for Children (AHC) and Smart Axiata, Cambodia’s leading mobile telecommunications operator have partnered in the fight against the emerging child nutrition crisis in Cambodia. The Smart Axiata 1 Million USD COVID-19 Relief Fund enables AHC to treat children who are suffering from malnutrition, while working with families and frontline healthcare workers to prevent malnourishment during this global pandemic.

AHC has already seen a third more cases of children who are undernourished, compared to last year. Malnourished children are more vulnerable to disease and death, contributing to national long-term health outcomes that will stagnate, or worse, regress. AHC and Smart are working to not only understand how the pandemic is impacting child health, but also ensure that every child can still access quality, compassionate care.

“The COVID-19 Relief Fund was created specifically to empower social impact organisations to act fast in order to mitigate risks that are unique to their communities. While we may be distracted in the midst of the pandemic by the more obvious social and economic impacts, Angkor Hospital Children’s exceptional work on the child nutrition crisis will ensure that this critical issue does not go unnoticed. Early detection and prevention will go a long way in keeping children safe, both during and after the coronavirus pandemic.” – Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart Axiata

The Smart Axiata 1 Million USD COVID-19 Relief Fund provides $60,000 USD to support the AHC Nutrition Programme until the end of June 2021. “The funding allows us to deliver quality care to any child diagnosed with nutritional deficiencies,” says Dr Ngoun Chanpheaktra, AHC’s Hospital Director. “The funding will also allow us to educate and empower caregivers with the necessary support to ensure their child’s long-term health, and build the capacity of rural health workers by raising awareness of child nutrition, and ultimately, prevent undernutrition.”

To learn more about the AHC and Smart partnership, email ahc@angkorhospital.org.

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